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In the age of AI and online translation tools, personal translation services must offer clear added value. This is exactly what we understand at Lenidioma!

In addition to our expertise, we guarantee a deep understanding of the text and love for the content, as well as flexibility and outstanding customer service.

Four reasons why Lenidioma is right for you!


My native languages are Spanish and Catalan. I translate from German, English and French.


I am a professionally trained translator with a proven track record in the industry.


Environment, ecology and sustainability are highly current topics and my area of expertise.

Client satisfaction

Personal attention and a pleasant project flow are the hallmarks of my translation service.

Wondering what my personal approach to translation projects looks like?

Translating is an art. The mind must be clear and rested to be able to translate each text properly, giving each part of the translation process the time it deserves. I always compare it to gastronomy: a dish cooked from scratch and with the necessary cooking time is like a translation that has been worked on without haste. Rushing does not get good results.

The translation process is very important: once we have the text to be translated, it is first very important to read it and research; once we are well documented and have made a glossary of the most relevant terms of the text, and once we are familiar with its structure, we start translating. Depending on the length of the text, it is necessary to make repeated pauses and let the translation rest. It is better if we let a day go by before our final revision so that we can read the translation with a clear mind and make relevant changes or adjustments. We do this to ensure the text is translated as desired according to the client’s expectations.

In my case, I prefer to give real deadlines rather than to produce a poor-quality translation in a hurry. The text needs to take shape in order to be able to deliver quality work.

What subjects am I passionate about?

Ecology and sustainability, organic food, care for the environment and health. In recent years, I have specialized in this sector, which is considered three different specialties. But everything is related: if we do not take care of our food and our environment, our health is affected more and more every day. I can help you reach clients who are interested in consuming organic products. I have been translating texts of this type for more than 6 years and I continue to train in the three specialties to keep up to date.

What are the industries I work for most?

My other areas of expertise are: Tourism & Travel, Health & Medicine and Education & Training.

If you have a business in the tourism sector, don’t hesitate to contact me. With my translations, I will help you cross borders to attract international clients. I treat every translation in any of my specialities with great care. Each text is unique and thanks to my years of experience and training in the tourism sector I always deliver translations of the highest quality.

I have more than 15 years of experience in the education sector, so I can help you if you have a company dedicated to education, teaching or preparation of material for the education sector. Not only because of my extensive knowledge in the preparation of educational material, but also because of the years I have been teaching languages and the training I have received in this area – not only in teaching but also in writing, correcting and revising all kinds of material for language teaching.

Can I translate all languages?

The languages for which I offer translation services are Spanish, Catalan, MallorquĂ­n, German, English and French.

My mother tongues are Spanish, Catalan and Mallorquin. I translate from English, French and German myself.

If you need translations from Spanish or Catalan into German, English or French, I work with native speakers to guarantee the best result.

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